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Tripod, Wireless Remote and Circular Polarizer

Ahh the the three things that I need. And wow they are expensive as well :(

I am currently looking at the following model:
Tripod:  Bogen/Manfrotto 725B Digi Black Tripod with Ballhead (Quick Release) = USD 112.95
Use for: My cheap tripod broke and my friend, Supri, recommends me to get Bogen Tripod. :)
Used before: Yeah I tried Supri’s Bogen, wow it’s so solid and stable. But his is the more advanced one, it can do vertical as well and custom ballhead as well.

Wireless Remote: Canon RC-1 Wireless Remote Control = USD 24.95
Use for: dont want to wait for 10 seconds timer :) to avoid movements hehe.

Circular Polarizer: 
1. Hoya 72MM Circular Polarizer Glass Filter = USD 64.50; OR
2. B&W 72MM Circular Polarizer Glass Filter Slim = USD 99.95
Use for: to filter reflections on the water/windows and to make the sky more blue :)

Argghh easily $300++

I think I am going to wait on the polarizer and get the two most needed items. No tripod means no photo. And the wireless is needed to get out of that 10 seconds timer. All prices are taken from B&H.

Great we’ll see then and it’s Thursday that means I can not do long exposure shooting this weekend. That’s too bad :(

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Wake up early!! + my destinations

Ohh one of these days, I need to try to wake up early. I mean as early as 3am or 4am. I want to feel the excitement and the enjoyment of taking photos at before dawn, dawn and at sunrise. I think it will be fun and interesting :)

I just cant find the time to do it, either I am too tired on Saturday because of the work on Friday or I am just being lazy.  hehe :)

Anyway, I have a few destinations that I want to go for photo shooting as well as getaway vacation in Washington area:

  1. Alderbrook Resort – Union, WA ~ Hood River as well as hiking trails.
  2.  Yakima Valley, WA ~ Winery and Vineyard – huge field and many hills
  3. Ellensburg, WA ~ Lions Rock, Columbia River and Manastash Ridge
  4. Steven’s Pass and Leavenworth
  5. Mt. Rainier

I think there are many more to the north of Seattle as well.

I’ll try to venture them out one by one and hopefully by early next year, I can complete these destinations.

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Learning lesson the hard way

In my opinion, when I read a manual or some information on the net, it’s just an accessory to the concept of the subject. I had to experiment the subject myself to get close to the inner concept of the subject itself.

I have very little background in photography, even though I had a good grade on Physics during my college year, I still don’t know how to apply the concept of light in photography. I guess I have to keep on practicing, playing around, experimenting here and there and most of all I have to be able to use photoshop, which I think it’s the hardest of all.

It has been my 3rd months into landscape photography, I am hoping to advance more as the time goes by.  :)

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