It’s never too old to enjoy your life

I have always have that big smile whenever I see my dad and mom playing together with the boys!
Their age is no barrier when it comes to enjoying moments with the boys.

It is a beautiful sight :)


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a pure happiness

My son is showing me the happiness in its purest form :)


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Sean’s 1st Birthday!

Upcoming photos! :)

Thanks to Cheese Photography for taking care the photo shots! :)


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Trip to Singapore 2

I saw these 3 guys were looking at something … togetherness right? :D

The power of attraction

The lightning pole, it’s not a big one..i wonder ….

The lightning pole

The Merlion :) i wish i have a longer zoom lens .. this is as much as I can get :D

The merlion

The CBD from an angle top view. Using a fisheye, a little bit bended on the sides.

Singapore CBD from top view

The moon on 135mm lens

Half crescent moon

The other sides of the CBD .. the stage and the museums

The Stage and The Museums, can you spot the 2 museums?

The other side of the island.. the golf course at night

The night golf course

and the view of the sea of Singapore in the evening …

The evening sea

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Trip to Singapore 1

I was fortunate to be able to go up in the sky at Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. The day was a cloudy day and as all may know that Singapore’s sky is always hazy :) I played around with the following photo to try to get rid off the hazy feel on it.

Container Ships

Another resort that Singapore is building one. Probably another casino :) the same thing goes with this photo, had to remove the hazy feels.

Another resort

This is a view of the CBD (Central Business District) of Singapore … where the tall buildings are. On the photo adjustment, I made it look like an “artist impression” look and feel.

Singapore CBD

The viewing deck of the top of the world :p

The viewing deck

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A colony of ants – close-up

This is something that is out of the ordinary for me….fortunately able to capture the colony working together in transporting the grains of rice to their nest.

All of the photos are shot at 1/200, f2.8, 60mm

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Testing out EF-S60mm Macro

Finally, I just acquired an EF-S60mm macro lens and couldn’t wait to test it out :)

Wow this lens rocks :D , I am able to get a focus at a distance of less than 30cm from an object. The clarity makes it nice but the only thing that seems to bother me is the blurry effect around the focus point. I am not sure why it is that so.

Some of the shots that I took around my house. :)

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my wish list for 2011

My wish list for 2011 ::

Landscape Lens
1. EF20mm f/2.8 USM – this will be my widest lens for this year.

Macro Lens:
1. EF100mm f/2.8 Macro USM
2. EF-S60mm f/2.8 Macro USM

With all of the above, I am halfway there :D

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around my house

Got a chance to borrow a Canon 85mm L series from my cousin and started to shoot around the garden in front of my home.

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My new Canon 7D :)

Ahh finally, I got my 7D :) yayy .. did some couple of shots before purchasing and it’s too good to pass on :D It’s about 3 days only so I have not had a chance to play around much of it yet

below are my 7D fave shots hahaha :)

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